C-Bizzle Is In The Hizzle (isuxatlife18) wrote in sdvsraw06caw,
C-Bizzle Is In The Hizzle

CAW: Chyna For Smackdown vs. Raw

CAW: Chyna
To bring back the former WWF diva, use the Create-A-Wrestler function to create her.

# Dress-up head-makeup 2
# Piercing- 1 and 13
# Upper-Very short hemline 24 [black]
# Sheer-8 shorten the sleeves [black]
# Accesory- 18 [black]
# Design- 28 on center chest area
# Design- triple h cross on back
# Dress-up
# Arms- Elbow paads 4 both [black]
# Gloves- 8 both [black]
# Wristbands 13 both [red]
# Dress-up
# Lower-belt 3
# Tights- 2 shorten all the way [black]
# Dress-up
# Feet- Knee pad 15 [black]
# Shoes 3 [black]

Since the game doesnt come with moves sets for Chyna, you'll have to figure which moves suit her best yourself!
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